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200,00 €

Double Silk Stefana/ Crowns    

White & Light Gold 

Light Braid

Each Tube Thickness Size approx.  0.7 cm

Silk Cord & Ribbon 

Stefana Size standard approx. 17 cm (custom orders available)


Unique beautiful handmade Silk Stefana used in Greek Orthodox weddings ceremonies by the groom & bride. The crowns symbolize the nobility of marriage and the fact that the newlyweds will be forever bound together in their new life. The ribbon that binds the two crowns represents the lasting union between the bride and groom. 


Please place your order with anticipation. All stefana are custom made after you place the order. If you require a specific colour or arrangement we are happy to discus this with you and will do our best to fit your requirements.

Please note that all prices do not include tax. 


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Anna Maria Lambert uses fine quality natural materials only. Each item is lovingly handmade to order and is completely unique. Please note photos are representative of the item, but colors may vary digitally and might not be exactly the same.